Progressive Education

Shared Learning

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With maker education at the core of its vision, Wilson is a place to learn. Through the new Delta School, Wilson seeks to bring the town together around shared learning, free expression and mutual advancement. Rivercrest Public Schools provide a supportive environment driven by high expectations for K-12 students throughout the county.

The Delta School

This inventive, pre-K-12 independent school opened in August 2015. On a world-class campus, innovative educators enhance learning with concepts from the Maker, Strengths and Edible Schoolyard Movements. Community scholarships make the school accessible to all; local farmers set aside a portion of their cotton crops to help fund scholarships for students who need financial aid. This Cotton Scholarship is just one more way that Wilson is laying the foundation for future growth.

The Grange

The Grange, affiliated with Wilson Gardens, is a learning lab and community hub for cultural events, fitness activities, food-related events and other unique experiences. As a bank of garden-based knowledge, the Grange offers cooking classes on how to prepare and enjoy garden fresh foods.

The Grange