We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for this year’s Fall Fest! Though temperatures weren’t exactly fall-like, it was perfectly cool enough to take in dozens of vendors, great music, and much more. Read More
Fall Fest Wrap-Up
October 03 2018
For the first time in over 80 years, the Town of Wilson has its own newspaper. Read More
On March 13th, the Town of Wilson, AR and the Lawrence Group took home the 2018 Arkansas Heritage Award, an honor bestowed by the Arkansas Governor's Conference on Tourism. Read More
Nikki Price has lived in Wilson, AR her entire life. Now owner of Priceless Galleries, giving back to the community has become one of her biggest passions. Read More

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A man who has spent his life learning a craft, chasing his many pursuits, and serving his community shares his Delta story in this special video. Read More
Born and raised in Osceola, just down the road from Wilson, Bryant Whitted has spent his entire life in the Delta. And it's the place he still loves to call home. Read More
Recently, the wilsonarkansas.com team sat down with Wilson City Mayor, Becton Bell, to get to know him and his vision for the future of Wilson. Read More