Amy LaVere with Will Sexton at the Wilson Cafe

December 15, 2015

We enjoyed an evening of songs performed by Amy LaVere and Will Sexton as part of the Wilson Music Series.

Amy describes wanting her songs to flow like good film, like daydreams do. She took a storyteller’s liberty here and there with the hope that this collection is an all-encompassing escape for the listener; a chance to runaway for 45 minutes and get lost in a good story. Visit Amy's website for more information.

Will has amassed an impressive collection of songs over the years, releasing his first independent album, Scenes From Nowhere, in 2001, which received a four-star review and was honored in the Top 5 Releases of 2001 by the Austin American-Statesman. Bus Stop Gossip, a previously unreleased recording from 2004, was unearthed and released in 2009 and was followed up by Move the Balance in 2010.